What is the Actiweb Affiliate System?

Do you like our service and are you happy with our method of work? YOU CAN EARN MONEY WITH US!

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What advantages will it bring?

Earn money with Actiweb

Earning money as an affiliate is easy work. Just place one of our banners or links in a place where your visitors, customers and friends see it and earn money with every purchase that qualifies to be made through your ads.

You just have to choose the advertising method: you can create a personalized coupon, link to your blog or website, place a banner in a visible place with your affiliate link, from here, all sales generated through any of these methods , it will generate the benefit automatically.

Recurring Coupons and Payments

Actiweb Coupons

You can create your own discount coupon for the different active campaigns in the system, thus giving the end user the discount.

This alternative is great because in case of posting a video mentioning the coupon without giving the link, nothing will happen, the affiliate is assigned to your final account and the commission is for you.

Recurring payments

Unlike other providers, our affiliates receive recurring commissions.

When the client that you have brought us renews the service, we will re-enter the corresponding amount.


Earn money online

Our Affiliate system is 100% free and you are ready to start earning money immediately. With an extremely simple mechanism, but with the robustness so that not a single sale escapes. Our system maintains a history of all visits and sales through a personalized sharpening code. Neither registration nor maintenance fees.

Totally free

Well that’s 100% FREE. Just for signing up we give you 0.50 € of credit in your account. When you exceed € 25 of earnings you can withdraw the money directly to your bank account, PayPal or if you are already an ActiWeb customer to credit your account.

How to make money with my website?

We provide everything to start immediately, such as banners and codes of your account.

If they buy from my advertising, how will I know?

Our affiliate system uses a mechanism through personal codes and cookies so that when a visitor clicks on the advertising that you have placed on your website, our system detects where that visitor came from, what was the affiliate code that had the advertising that he / she clicked on and then, a cookie is saved in your browser with your affiliate code.

All about shopping

Our affiliate program uses the Cookies mechanism. A cookie is a small file that is stored in your browser with every page you visit. By entering Actiweb for the first time by clicking on its advertising, this cookie is created in the visitor’s browser automatically and from that point you can buy at any other time, even without first going through its advertising, and our system will automatically detect it as a sale made from your advertising. The Cookie keeps its affiliate code stored. As long as the visitor does not delete their cookies, it does not matter when you make the sale that you will receive commissions for this sale.

What percentage of commissions do I have in my affiliate program?

Just for registering, Actiweb gives you 0.50 € of commissions free of charge and without having to do anything. The commissions of each sale are of 10%. Once you have exceeded € 25 of total commissions, you can request that this money be entered into any bank account you indicate.

What are my limitations?

Any. The more sales you have you can earn money with your website without any restriction. Domains, add-ons, or service refills are not part of this program. Commissions are paid once 45 days have passed since the purchase, provided that the user has not canceled the service. Read the general contract to find out about all the details of our affiliate system.

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